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Explore the Beauty and Culture of the Motherland through Art

Welcome to Afrika Sambaza Art, where the vibrant spirit of East African creativity meets the world stage. In Swahili, "Sambaza'' means spreading, and that's precisely what we aim to do – spread the rich tapestry of East African artistry far and wide, particularly to our friends in Europe.

East Africa is a treasure trove of talent, yet often overshadowed by its counterparts in West Africa. At Afrika Sambaza Art, we're on a mission to change that narrative. We believe in the power of art to transcend borders, cultures, and languages, connecting people from all walks of life through its beauty and expression. Our platform serves as a bridge between the hidden gems of East African artistry and discerning art enthusiasts around the globe. From the vivid depictions of different traditional African culture & wildlife to the bold, contemporary pieces emerging from urban centers like Nairobi and Kampala, we curate a diverse collection that reflects the dynamic soul of our region.

Each piece tells a story – of tradition, innovation, and the vibrant pulse of life in East Africa. By showcasing these works on an international stage, we not only support local artists but also foster greater appreciation and understanding of our cultural heritage.

Join us on this journey of discovery and celebration. Explore our gallery, immerse yourself in the colours, shapes, and narratives of East Africa, and let the beauty of our artistry inspire and enrich your world.

Welcome to Afrika Sambaza Art – where East African art finds its voice, and the world listens


In the heart of East Africa, the vibrant tapestry of culture, tradition, and artistry thrives.

From the sweeping plains of the Maasai Mara to the bustling streets of Nairobi, each corner of this land tells a unique story of resilience, creativity, and beauty.

Nairobi was voted as the best city to visit in 2024 ahead of Paris and Montreal by Lonely Planet. Nairobi's rich cultural diversity, highlighted by a vibrant mix of ethnic backgrounds and a significant expatriate community, fuels a dynamic cultural scene featuring diverse cuisines, arts, and traditions.

Its proximity to natural wonders like Nairobi National Park offers a unique blend of urban and natural environments, where wildlife roams against the backdrop of the city skyline.

Renowned as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the tech sector, Nairobi's Silicon Savannah fosters a creative atmosphere, bustling with startups and initiatives.

Additionally, the city boasts a range of cultural attractions, eclectic dining options, vibrant nightlife, excellent accessibility, and a renowned sense of community and hospitality, all contributing to a memorable experience for visitors.

In the urban centers, street art flourishes as artists use their talents to express social commentary and cultural identity. Colorful murals adorn city walls, telling stories of resilience and hope amidst adversity.

The iconic matatus, rolling canvases of creativity, traverse the city streets, adorned with bold colors and intricate designs. These minibusses embody the spirit of East African youth culture, uniting people in a shared celebration of self-expression and defiance.


To Art Enthusiasts and Collectors

Join us in supporting East African artists and promoting their work by purchasing art on our platform.

Your investment not only enriches your collection but also empowers talented artists, preserves cultural heritage, and fosters creativity within our community.

Together, let us celebrate and elevate East African artistry to new heights.

To East African Artists

We invite you to join us in telling the vibrant and diverse stories of East Africa through your art.

Your creativity, talent, and unique perspective are invaluable in capturing the essence of our culture and heritage.

Together, let us showcase the beauty and richness of East African art to the world.

East African art transcends boundaries, bringing people together across generations and backgrounds. It serves as a bridge between past and present, tradition and modernity, uniting individuals in a shared celebration of creativity, diversity, and resilience.

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